Introduction to Rentals

Eltham was among the last to enter the rental business in line with the always conservative policies.

In developing the program, we watched the opposition go broke through inadequate detail in their systems, loose their stock due to computer crashes, over price, rip off, think only of the selling of instruments and not of the customer.

The present system was developed after years of consultation overseas and within Australia with the best of the rental operators.

We chose parts from as many as a 12 or 15 different systems, and added our own thoughts and we now have what is widely acclaimed by our customers as ‘THE BEST RENTAL SYSTEM IN THE BUSINESS’. This is because in the planning we sat on both sides of the table and asked not only what we would like but more importantly 'What would you - the customer - like?'

Many systems have a buyout component, however we know of few, if any allowing you to buy out at the discount prices. Most provide the unsuspecting customer with a big shock at crunch time.

The different systems allow you - the customer - to choose the system which suits you and to tailor your rental needs from our wide range of options ranging from one month to - (yes, we had one customer renting a sax for 65 months).

Your reason for renting can be quite different from that of the next person, and if the person has not played before it is strongly recommended that a short rental period may well save lots of hard earned cash if the idea of playing turns out to be a lemon. After a couple of months trial, (and that's all you need) then, either purchase one from us or start a rent buy plan with us on a new instrument.

By the way don't fall for the old ‘I can get you a good deal on a new instrument trick.’ This story lost it punch in the used car business 50 years ago, but it is still happening in this industry now.

We are the best. Ask your friends who have actually rented from us.



. . uses second hand and sometimes new instruments that are serviced and in perfect order before you take charge of them. The instruments may be returned at any time provided the payments are up to date. A Credit Card imprint is required as a security over the instrument. Provided payments are on time, the rental reduces by $5.50 (AUD) at three and six months.

Range of Instruments available for Rental
Recurve Flute
Alto Flute
Alto Saxophones
Tenor Saxophones
Coe Aanglais
Clarinets A
Soprano Saxophones
Baritone Saxophone
French Horn

School rental is a six-month rental payable in advance.
School order required.


. . uses brand new instruments and the monthly payments, which remain at the starting rental, contribute towards the purchase. 20% of the rental monies are forfeit if the instrument is not purchased in the first three months. The option to purchase the instrument ceases at six months, however the instrument may be rented on a continuing basis if required. The renter must be the owner of a bankcard, mastercard or visa card, and be over the age of twentyfive.


. . is available for the more expensive instruments and runs for up to 2 years. There is a $27.50 (AUD) surcharge on the rentbuy and $49.50 (AUD) surcharge expensive rentbuy programs. The renter must be the owner of a bankcard, mastercard or visa card, and be over the age of twentyfive.

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